An Agency Approach to the Pandemic

Full-service marketing agencies offer everything your business requires for marketing, promotions, and advertising under one umbrella.

An agency consists of a group of skilled individuals specialized in different areas of marketing, from digital placements and traditional advertising to website development and creative designs. Here are our 4 suggestions on marketing during a crisis from an agency perspective.


Keep Consistency

Marketing consistency is all about maintaining a brand awareness through your messaging that remains the same across all your channels. Being consistent in the specific content you promote is important to gain the leads you need for your business to grow.

Generic Based Ads

All companies need a current generic ad that promotes who they are and what they do ready to go. In the event of a crisis, this allows the company to continue to run their advertisement. Modifications can be made easily to send the right message to customers. Generic advertising promotes the general qualities of a product and, therefore, benefits all firms in the category. 


Reflect Current Conditions of Business

The safest way for brands to respond to the crisis is to mitigate it. It is important to keep customers informed and let them know their safety is your top priority rather than focus on sales and promotions. Changing commercials and social media posts to reflect this is beneficial. . A first step for brands during this crisis was to look at their existing campaigns through the lens of the new normal.

 Hire a Professional

The thing with most agencies is they have a customer centric perspective and work independently from their clients. When you hire an agency, you pay for a whole team. This means you have more hands-on deck, ensuring your business can pump out more marketing material, promoting your brand a lot more effectively.

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