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Stripes and Laredo Taco Company

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Screenshot of Stripes and Laredo Taco Company Web Design Screenshot of Stripes and Laredo Taco Company Resources Web Design

Third Wave Digital takes Stripes and Laredo Taco Company on Digital Ride! 

Third Wave Digital has recently taken on the task of creating, scheduling and maintaining digital menu boards for long time clients Stripes and Laredo Taco Company. These digital menu boards are displayed across hundreds of stores throughout the Texas area with specific menus and offers for multiple regions.

Each menu board is animated to highlight various menu items and promotional deals that are unique to that board. Third Wave Digital plans, designs, and animates every one individually to ensure every board is unique and eye-catching.

After the creation and approval of the menu files Third Wave Digital uploads and schedules traffic for each board using an online console that manages contents for every store in the system. Updates are made monthly to accommodate changes in the menu and promotional offers.