Third Wave Digital

Agency Production Services

In addition to video and production divisions, Third Wave has a full-service advertising agency that employs a team of savvy media professionals that have the experience and creativity to help grow your business. From start-up businesses needing our full array of advertising services to well-established companies requiring integrated media campaigns, Third Wave Advertising clients have a proven track record of success.

We provide the methodology and tools to take your advertising to the next level of sophistication. Our clients benefit from comprehensive agency services such as:

  • Identity development and branding across all media
  • Research, focus group and brand development
  • Highly creative TV and radio commercial creation
  • Placement of all advertising including TV, radio, newspaper, online banners, etc.
  • Comprehensive internet marketing plans, social media and mobile strategies
  • Website creation and complete internet support services
  • Public relations and image consultation services
  • Print media design, layout and fulfillment
  • Digital billboard design and placement

Third Wave Advertising can help your business with the following crucial services needed to make your marketing and advertising more effective:

We have a proven track record of helping clients succeed and dominate the marketplace, focusing on advertising efficiencies and improving the cost per customer acquisition. Our streamlined processes and robust analytics techniques allow us to get more out of our clients’ advertising budgets, so they can earn more business for less money – more often.

  • Past media performance review
  • Detailed Audience analysis
  • Complete image/branding assessment
  • Effective creative concepts and campaigns
  • Nielsen and Arbitron data to determine media effectiveness
  • Centralized billing of all your media placement in one easy to understand invoice
  • Detailed audit of media to ensure you get what was ordered